Sydney February Fair Details

Sydney February Fair Details


Sydney February Fair Support details available

View details on FairScan pre-fair support locations and times and download a copy of the checklist and newsletter for the Sydney February 2020 fairs.

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FairScan Rep Mini Site

FairScan Rep Mini Site


Mini site for onroad agents and sales reps

A mini site has been created for all agents and sales reps that use the FairScan system on the road

This mini site contains all the required documentation and software required for on road users to operate their FairScan handheld

Available to download are PDF manuals detailing all the important aspects of the system including how to connect to WiFi networks, pair with mobiles and connect to Windows desktop/laptops.

This is an essential resource for all on road users!

Visit www.fairscan.com.au/rep for more details.

Upgrade to Windows Pocket PC

Upgrade to Windows Pocket PC


Upgrade to the latest PPC handhelds

Currently a Palm handheld user (black and white screen) and looking to use FairScan on the road with agents and reps? Or do you give discounts to customers if they order a certain quantity per item? Then it may be time to upgrade or add some Pocket PC handhelds. These handhelds offer more advanced connectivity options for users on the road as well as more advanced handheld features such as Multi Pricing.

Please note that users can mix and match Palm and Pocket PC handhelds meaning that you can still continue to use the older Palm handhelds.

Click on ‘Quote’ at the above menu bar to do a quote today on upgrading to Pocket PC handhelds.

New Fair Support System

New Fair Support System


FairScan Phone and Ticketing System now in place

FairScan has recently successfully implemented a Phone and Ticketing Systems to be used during Trade Fairs. These systems ensure that customers can request and obtain support in a timely manner at Trade Fairs particular during peak periods such as the first day of the Fair.

The phone system will allow callers to be placed in a queue if phone operators are busy and also allows voice mails to be left if the customer doesn’t have time to wait in the queue. During busy fairs FairScan will have multiple Phone Operators answering and logging support requests to our Ticketing System.

The Ticketing System provides a seamless link between the Phone Operators and FairScan Support Staff on the floor of the fair. Once a business has requested support then a ticket is entered on their behalf and a Support Member will then visit the stand to attend the issue. The Ticketing System will ensure that all support requests are attended to as soon as possible.

FairScan Quick Support

FairScan Quick Support


Remote Access via FairScan Quick Support now available

FairScan now offers convenient, easy to use Remote Support via the FairScan Team Viewer application. This application allows FairScan to remotely access your computer when required.

This program makes it easy for FairScan to assist with any troubleshooting with the FairScan system or associated programs such as BarTender (barcode printing), importing/exporting to Accounting Systems and general functions in relation to the FairScan system.

This system can also be used to assist reps on the road who use the FairScan system but must be requested by the office in advance.

When remote support is required simply contact FairScan requesting assistance and then click on the ‘FairScan Quick Support’ icon in the top right corner of the website and follow the provided instructions.

If you already have Team Viewer running and installed on your computer then simply provide FairScan with your ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ for Team Viewer to allow remote access.

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